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Do You lack self-esteem in any aspect of your life?
We want you to flaunt and enhance your confidence!

Enhance your inner glow

Go from dull to luminous and flaunt your inner-glow as we teach you about style and color.

Flaunt Your Confidence

When you feel confident with who you are naturally everything will fall into place. Our services will enhance your beauty and figure so that you can begin loving you, for who you are.

Achieve Success

With the right image anything is possible. Your image is so crucial to your success, those first three seconds determine your outcome. Make your first impressions the most memorable .

Save Money

Save money on future purchases. You will not only save money on clothes that do not suit your complexion and do not flatter your figure but you will save money at the hair-dressers plus so much more.

What I can do for you?

FlauntEssence offers a wide variety proffessional image consulting services to help you to achieve  success in your personal image and self confidence. This will enable  you to succeed in your life goals and become your own personal stylist.

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FlauntEssence has given me CONFIDENCE about what to wear! It has opened my eyes on how to shop, what colours I should be wearing, what colours I should probably avoid and has ultimately saved me money! I had no idea that different colours can have such an impact on how you are perceived by others until I had my consult with Amy. She was nothing but professional and caring and spent a lot of time with me finding my perfect image! She addresses everything, make up, hair colours and even how to wear accessories with your clothing! After a colour analysis with Amy you won’t waste anymore money on the wrong colours! I recommend anyone struggling with their image to give FlauntEssence a try! Definitely worth your time and $! Thank you Amy!


“Thank you very much, now I wont be so hopeless when shopping for clothes that are right for me. I have received so many compliments on my style thanks to you”

Body Shape & Style Analysis as well as Color Analysis


“I use to be so unconfident with my body figure, and I guess that really showed in my body language. Due to my low self-esteem I would hide away which of course made me feel really isolated. Then I found FlauntEssence and booked in for a consultation. I could not believe how much information I have learned. Now I can feel slimmer while being able to have the confidence to go and workout again, and actually get to my driven goal without feeling down. There was so much more to style then I thought. Thank you Amy for being able to allow myself to FLAUNT my confidence once again!”

Body Shape and Style Analysis


 “Being 23 living in the Central Coast region I could not find many job opportunities to actually gain a position. I tried everything I could including job agencies, advertising myself on websites such as gum-tree, cold canvasing, volunteering but that was still not enough. What else could I do? Then I was told about FlauntEssence off a family member and how they have heard a lot of positive outcomes from their services. Although a little pricey I thought this is my last avenue. It was the best investment I have made. I now have a full-time management position and absolutely love my Job. Amy has taught me so much about Image and Style. How you present yourself reall does make a huge impact if you do it in the right way.”

Personal Shopping Expedition.