Colour and Style Parties

Invite a group of friends around and host an amazing party they will remember!


Have your group of friends around as we determine your best colouring. Watch the excitement in their faces as you go from dull to radiant, see their reactions as we put hair fringes on your face to show you your most flattering hair colors, and hear their compliments as you learn about makeup that best suits your complexion.

After this Style Party you can go shopping with your friends and know you will never make a purchasing mistake. You will learn everything from your body shape, face shape, accessorising, scale, fabric, drapes plus so much more! Invest in yourself today and save money in the future. At the end of the party as part of this consultation you will also receive a swatch and booklet that we will go through individually that covers so much more.

Have fun with friends share memories!

A Colour or Style Party costs $150 per person with a minimum and maximum of four to five people with time determined by the number of friends invited To find out more about the Colour and Style Parties please contact us.

Easy Payment Plans Available