Makeup Workshop

Do you really know if the makeup you currently own is doing you any justice?

Have a fun night out with friends or family members by hosting a Makeup Workshop that will have you inspired as you learn how to use the right colours that will enhance your inner glow!

Your Ultimate Makeup Guide

The biggest confusing issue for woman is working out which product to use. When trying to make the best choice of makeup to buy you can quite easily become overwhelmed and confused because there are so many products available at the tip of our fingers. When going to a department store you are regularly hit by a pushy salesperson offering you an endless number of products who just wants to make a sale on the other hand, if you go to a chemist your most likely to get no help. Not to worry, we will teach you everything you need to know!

Looking younger is all about making the right colour choices. Learn how to use the correct makeup choice and techniques that will enhance your inner-glow whilst still looking natural. This ultimate makeup guide will save you tones of time and money in the future. By knowing what colours suit you will mean wearing less and looking your best!

How you will benefit

  • Save money – You will stop falling for pushy sales people advice.
  • Save time – you will know exactly what colours to look out for in every aspect of makeup
  • Look amazing – You will have the ability to look stunning with minimal makeup allowing you to not feel so heavy.

“The first step in looking beautiful is choosing the right undertone..”

Book in today as this workshop is free for only a limited amount of time. There needs to be a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 6 to host this event.

What this workshop covers:
  • How to prepare your skin
  • Using the right tools to apply makeup
  • How to best apply makeup suited to your needs.
  • choosing the right foundation and concealer for your skin type, complexion and coverage.
  • Defining and sculpting your face shape.
  • Choosing the right brow colour and how to best apply it.
  • How to best apply eye shadow and eyeliner tailored to your eye shape and choosing the right colours suited to your complexion that will make your eyes pop.
  • How to best apply mascara to provider fuller and thicker lashes.
  • Choosing the correct blush and bronzer and how to correctly apply it.
  • Choosing the corrected coloured lip liner and lipstick to enhance your entire face and how to best apply it to achieve your desired goals for example fuller lips.