Personal Shopping Expedition

Take the stress out of shopping with a Personal Shopping Expedition.

Does shopping tire you out? Want to look good for an upcoming event. Do you buy impulsively only to realise your clothes don’t suit? Did you know you can hire a personal shopper to help save you money and teach you how to look great?

Do you fall into any of the following categories:

  • You do not enjoy shopping?
  • Sick of  not being able to confidently find something to wear?
  • Sick of second guessing yourself in the change room or checkout?
  • You constantly impulse buy every-time you see a sale?
  • Find shopping overwhelming and daunting?
  • To busy?
  • Sick of wasting money on garments and accessories that you either wear once or not wear at all?
  • Under a tremendous amount of stress getting ready for a major event for example a job interview or preparing a wedding?
  • Do not have enough funds to go shopping?

How you will benefit:

We can help you put a wardrobe together, shop for special events, or just update what you previously own to create flattering outfits. Let shopping become fun and easy as we provide you tips and ideas based on your personality, coloring, figure and occasion. It does not matter how big or small your budget is we will ensure you look your best!


Keep calm and hire a personal shopper

We will ensure that on your future shopping trips you shop with confidence. In the future you will only by clothes that make you look and feel terrific.

No longer will you be hiding in the background with low self-esteem. You will radiate and glow with your head held high and your confidence will show!

Your new knowledge will help you buy clothing that suits your body, enhances your personality, works for your lifestyle and goals.

“Everyone has the right to look amazing”

What this program offers you:

The personal shopping expedition costs  $170  for the first 3 hours and then $75 for every half hour after that.

Easy Payment Plans Available

After the shopping trip you will:

  • Save money by only buying clothes that suit you.
  • Have a wardrobe full of clothes that you love to wear and make you feel terrific!
  • Be able to go shopping with confidence.
  • Have strategies and tips for your future shopping trips.
  • Have fun shopping instead of finding it daunting and exhausting!

E-Gift Cards Available