Wardrobe Audit

Revamp Your Wardrobe Saving You Time, Money and Space

Let us de-clutter and organise your wardrobe to suit your personality and lifestyle.

Is your wardrobe full of clothes but you still feel as though you having nothing to wear? Consider how much all those clothes have cost you that are now taking up space without earning their stay.

Build A Wardrobe Rather Than Focusing On Trends

Learn how to keep your wardrobe organised in future with a wardrobe Audit. By going through your wardrobe it helps identify what you do and do not have. This will stop you from wasting money on impulse shopping resulting in you buying things that you either have plenty of or do not really need. In the future

How You Will Greatly Benefit?
  • Know what your Wardrobe is lacking
  • What you are wasting money on
  • Be able to clearly see all your clothes
  • You wont feel so overwhelmed
  • Be less cluttered
  • We will provide you with a system that will help you put outfits together which will save you time.


Most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time

FlauntEssence will ensure that all clothes in your wardrobe compliment you. We will remove the ones that are not working for you and that are taking up valuable space.

Once we have assessed your wardrobe, we will develop a list of clothes that you need to purchase and have adjusted to rebuild your wardrobe and make it work again. By the end of the consultation we will have created a plan for you to follow to keep your wardrobe organised in the future.

Do you know what you have in your wardrobe? We will  ensure that you do not re-purchase clothes that you already own. We will teach you how to create outfits and wardrobe capsules with your existing garments to reflect your lifestyle, goals and personality. 

“Style is not about how many clothes you have, its about how you wear them…”

More about this program:

This Wardrobe Audit consultation costs $150 for 3 hours (after that it is $75 per 1/2 hour).

Easy Payment Plans Available

The Wardrobe Audit will ensure that you save time and space, and that the money you do spend on garment in the future will be on long-lasting clothing.


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